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More Water, Cleaner Water … Naturally.

Never before has water conservation and management been so important in Australia. Droughts and water restrictions have become commonplace, whilst water management has been sadly neglected.

In this dry climate more and more people and industries are seeking ways to use water more efficiently and considerately, to make better use of the water available, and to use it in such a way that the surrounding environment is not adversely effected.

BioFlo Biofilters,… the Natural Solution

BioFlo biofilters use a system based on the power of natural, organic Australian peat, which removes contamination and pollution from water.

BioFlo biofilters can deliver class A water from septic tank effluent and greywater under appropriate circumstances, and they are the ideal, EPA-approved system for recycling greywater and household waste water.

BioFlo biofilters can also make run-off safe for re-use or discharge to the environment. Simple but complete solutions for treating septic tank effluent, run-off & domestic grey water.


Greywater (the water from your washing machine, shower and bath) can be treated and re-used for watering your garden, rather than being sent down the drain!

Architects, landscape designers and home owners will find that BioFlo Bio-filters are ideal for domestic water conservation, and that the system is easily adapted to any site and pattern of water usage.

Water-Smart… by Design

BioFlo Biofilters:

  • Are EPA-approved for treating greywater (and domestic waste water)
  • Offer a permanent supply of water for gardens, regardless of restrictions.
  • Can reduce your total water consumption by a third or more
  • Utilise natural Australian organic peat with it’s own diverse micro-organisms, flora and nutrients.
  • Remove odours, harmful germs and detergents
  • Provide water that is safe for long-term use on your garden (Class A) - no smells, staining or damage to plants
  • Have no moving parts and do not require addition of chemicals

Run-off Treatment

Runoff from nurseries, wash-bays and golf courses,for example, is increasingly becoming the focus of environmental regulators seeking to protect our natural waterways.

Clean, Cool, Water

BioFlo biofilters are both environmentally sound and economical. They not only protect waterways but allow for re-use of all runoff. Our biofilter systems are low cost, can reduce the need for mains water and last more than 20 years before they need replacing. BioFlo biofilters will remove:

  • Nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate, and amines)
  • Phosphorus (phosphate and polyphosphates)
  • Suspended solids and some salts
  • Heavy metals (copper, cadmium, zinc etc.)
  • Plant pathogens
  • Petrol, oil and other hydrocarbons
  • Detergents
  • Undesirable odours

Septic Tank Solutions

BioFlo biofilters are the ideal, EPA-approved solution to long term problems with septic tanks, such as odours, health risks and environmental pollution. BioFlo biofilters can be installed at the same time as a new septic tank or AWTS, or retrofitted, and will allow the effluent from the septic to be re-used for garden watering (rather than being disposed of by subsoil drainage).

Our Research

BioFlo biofilters (formerly known as as BioRemediation biofilters):

  • Offer a permanent supply of water for gardens, regardless of restrictions
  • Can reduce total household water consumption by a third or more (and reduce water bills)
  • Can produce Class A water from septic tank effluent or greywater under the appropriate conditions
  • Harness the totally organic power of Australian peat to clean water